Holland Services Co.

Ed Inman founded Holland Services Co., Inc., in 1985, as a captive construction management and real estate development company for WP Stephens Lumber Co. In the beginning, the focus was on the development, construction and remodeling of WP Stephens manufacturing, retail, office and residential housing projects. Later, Holland Services moved exclusively into the installation and project management of the WP Stephens architectural woodwork projects.

After selling WP Stephens several years later, Ed began focusing Holland Services on larger, commercial hospitality related projects, specializing in:

  1. country clubs
  2. hotels
  3. retirement facilities
  4. churches
  5. multi-faceted hospital jobs
  6. renovations

Our Approach

With the infinite combinations of materials, quality, price, availability, production methods and equipment, Ed recognized the need for the woodwork supplier to remain customer focused and flexible. Holland Services does both.


Holland Services uses many small specialized providers and can add or subtract capacity on the turn of a dime. The specialized supplier is usually the most competitive and is familiar with all the latest innovations.

Customer Service

We manage each project based on the customer's needs. Therefore, we subcontract, purchase from outside vendors or produce with hourly suppliers depending on what best suits the customer and the project, not the manufacturer.

Holland Services Company, Inc. further strives to surpass our customers expectations by providing the highest quality of architectural woodwork project management. We achieve this by planning ahead and providing input to:

  1. initial budgeting
  2. scheduling
  3. scope
  4. specification
  5. value engineering input

This detailed planning up front enables Holland to save the owner, the architect, interior designer and contractor valuable time and effort. It also helps keep the team from pursuing tracks that might lead the final project to being either over budget, late, and/or having an inappropriate finish or quality level.

During the design phase of the project, Holland finds and prices specialty suppliers for all details of the project to insure the lowest andmost reponsive pricing for the woodwork. Unlike most consultants, we take responsibility for our advice and will enter into a fixed price contract for our estimates. Once the project begins, Holland Services provides hands-on supervision to insure that the architectural woodwork is completed on time, on budget and meets the owners' expectations. Because we consider ourselves only as good as our last project, Holland diligently pursues completing any punch list or warranty items that might arise. But before that Holland strives not to have any of these issues.

Let us get started early in your next project and show you how much more successful your project can be with Holland Services Company on your team.


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